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Customer experience is
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The Experience Economy

With increased competition, the service industry is having to re-think on how to create value in order to establish differentiation, attract and retain customers, build loyalty, motivate employees, and drive business growth.

The essence of ‘Customer Experience’ as a value proposition is an increasingly employed business strategy, providing both value for customers and employees, in the way of a total memorable experience. But how well are you going about it?

Dsign Thinking orchestrates a seamless end to end customer journey experience, taking in multiple touchpoints across different channels.

Services have a design problem

Professionals in the service sector need to realise that they are involved in design, and need to find solutions in addressing this problem. Services have unique features. They are not tangible, cannot be stored or owned, consumption happens at the same time as production and they are complex experiences that happen over time. Therefore, designing services requires special considerations.

Dsign Thinking addresses these unique challenges.

What is Service Design?

Service design helps organizations see their services from a customer perspective. It is an approach to designing services that balances the needs of the customer with the needs of the business, aiming to create seamless and quality service experiences.

Service design is rooted in design thinking, and brings a creative, human-centred process to service improvement and designing new services.

Through collaborative methods that engage both customers and service delivery teams, service design helps organizations gain true, end-to-end understanding of their services, enabling holistic and meaningful improvements.

The Science

Behavioural studies show that customers consciously and unconsciously filter clues embedded in the service experience and organise them into a set of rational and emotional impressions.

Anything sensed or perceived is regarded as one of the 3 category clues.



  • Quality
  • Competence
  • Reliability



  • Responsiveness
  • Knowledge
  • Recovery
  • Credibility
  • Competence
  • Effort
  • Appearance



  • Music
  • Aroma
  • Lighting
  • Temperature
  • Spatial Layout
  • Artefacts
  • Signs
  • Symbols

The Experience Preference Model

Once impressions of experiences are formed, they will fall into one of the three “zones” based on the customers’ perceptions about their total experience.


These are experiences that are perceived as negative and are rejected. Customers who categorised their experiences in this space are also likely to be a source of negative word-of-mouth commentary.


These are experiences that don’t create strong impressions in either a positive or negative sense.


These are experiences that foster a commitment for repeat business, and talking about it to others.

Experiences categorised by customers in this zone will provide the kind of long-term loyalty that is both remarkably resilient and financially desirable.

Our Services

Service Design

We implement a solid foundation that supports an organisations pursuit for high standards of customer service. We create end to end experiences that are consistent across all channels and touchpoints with the one objective of having them work together to provide a seamless customer experience.

We encourage a high level of involvement with internal stakeholders during each phase of the process and aim to trigger their empathic capacity so as to better understand the most valuable asset of your business - the customer.

Persona Creation

A Persona provides a human face to a collection of abstract data, and serves as a tool to assist in achieving empathy with your customer.

Journey Mapping

A powerful storytelling tool that captures a service experience through the eyes of a customer. It builds empathy and highlights areas that can be improved.

Service Blueprinting

Blueprinting focuses on exposing the surface-to-core of your business, highlighting the systems and processes in place, and how it can be refined.


We prototype to understand and explore users engagement with services, experiences, products, spaces or systems to achieve higher quality offerings.


We harness cutting edge digital technologies to push the boundaries of customer experiences through the use of Virtual Reality [VR], Augmented Reality [AR], Indoor Navigation, and 3D Visualisation to deliver immersive and engaging solutions. We place powerful tools in the hands of Sales & Marketing teams across various industries.

Our aim is to bring a practical use to these emerging technologies in business to derive a value offering, tangible returns, drive engagement, and to create viral exposure.

Indoor Navigation

We provide Indoor Navigation solutions and data analytics platforms to a range of industries including shopping malls, department stores, airports, stadiums, and exhibition centres.

Augmented Reality

Providing world-class, immersive 3D solutions for the Real Estate, Retail, Entertainment, Automotive and Sports industries with AR & VR technology.

Systems Development

Monitor, analyze and evaluate your company's performances with a customised Decision Support System. We tailor solutions to suit your needs.

Web & App

We tailor make beautifully designed websites and mobile applications with the objective of creating value for organisations, and to create a seamless digital experience for users.

Marketing & Events

Marketing & Branding

Supporting clients with targeted campaigns across various channels, delivering results in each phase of the customers journey.

Event Production

Delivering world class events and entertainment productions, that are exciting, immersive, and truly unforgettable.

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